• Mandy

Stepping into my Power | Macht & Kraft

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What a ride the past few months have been! 2020 isn't easy for the Collective and all of us are going through a time of great transformation.

To be honest, I often felt that my experience is very different from that of the Collective. Many talk about pain, loss, anxiety, worries. Times aren't easy, yes, but what I see is potential, possibilities, growth and chances.

Change can be hard to deal with, especially if one got so comfortable with the Status Quo that another way of life wouldn't even have occurred to the mind.

As someone who always sought out change though, it's less frightening to deal with the current energies, I suppose.

We are living in a pandemic, nothing is sure or save anymore and that's the time I chose to quit a well-paid job, leave a beautiful city and home to begin anew, without even knowing where exactly that would be.

There was and is simply no need to know what will come after the next turn. Not if you're living in full alignment and trust in Spirit. But because I am living in full trust that Spirit will provide all that I truly need, I am in alignment and all is well.

Don't get me wrong though!! Just because one is living from a place of authenticity, supported by Spirit and the highest energies does not mean that it's always easy. It simply means that I see the lessons, I understand why I am being denied certain things in life, I see my attachments and how they create imbalances.

Do you have any idea how powerful such knowledge is? It helps me so much to let go of what is no longer of service to me and I am so deeply grateful for that.

Of course sometimes I worry, too! It's not that I'm never scared or don't loose my shit, because now and then I totally do. But I won't let it hold me back.

My fears are not dictating my direction. They are my teachers.

Over the past year I learned some great tools that help me to understand myself. Astrology is one of them and it lead me to understand what my Scorpio in Midheaven means: "You have a very intense need for power, for financial security and want to be in charge. Scorpio in midheaven is not going to follow, unless they're in the power position." (Debra Silverman) Besides it's a sign that one is to be a healer, someone who is understanding and can travel into other people's psyche.

Human Design taught me that I am here to be an earthly guide and to teach. I am here to be a guardian of living successfully on the Earth in this material world.

The time has come for me to step up into that. To pass on what I have learned so far. To teach how to listen to your intuition, how to connect with Spirit and whatever energies, guides or ancestors surround you.

Because if there is one thing I really and truly mastered, it's living life trusting my intuition, from a place of intention.

Let me show you the way and take you on an amazing journey deep into yourself. What you'll discover will be riches that go far beyond the material world.