• Mandy

Kudu about Power

German version will follow another day, I've got no time to translate the message right now.

A while back I had in intense encounter with Kudu and feel the strong urge to share it through Gaia's Healing as well, so here we are:

Do not be afraid to step into your power. Fear will not serve you on your path,

although it will be part of your Shadow. Try not to let it take over, but be

aware of it, for it is a natural instinct that once ensured your survival.

You have surpassed the stage of "survival" though, and have moved on to

"awakened". Relax. Breathe. Be here, in the moment.

Your ego will always interfere, trying to plant seeds of doubt. Whether or not

you will let them take root is your decision. Make it a conscious one.

What does it actually mean to "be in my power"?

It means that your are making conscious decisions in your life. You do not let

others decide for you, not even Spirit. If you decide to follow Spirit, then that

too is a conscious decision.

To "be in your power" means that nothing from the outside will disturb you

on the inside.

How can I get in my power?

First of all you truly need to want to be there. Many people don't, because

it's often not a comfortable place to be.

The next step it to take full ownership of your life, in every single aspect.

Everything that's in your life is there, because you placed it there. Both

material and immaterial. Every emotion you feel –

What about empaths? Sorry to interrupt ...

Even as an empath you need to take ownership of all emotions you

feel. No matter if you pick up on those of others. You decided to come as

an empath into this world! To be in your power as an empath means to be

able to make the distinction between your own emotions and those of others.

Why should we get into our power?

It's a natural part of the awakening process. You can't avoid it, if you want to

keep growing spiritually.

It is not easy and you will struggle with it, you will fight