• Mandy

Dear Andye | Love Letter to my Mentor

First of all sorry to my German followers, there won't be a translation of this. Also sorry to me English followers, because the last few posts were in German only. The reason for this is, that the more I step into my power, I realize why I've been sent back to Germany. I'm needed here. Translating everything is lots of work and takes more energy than I gain from it, so please be kind.

I'm sharing this love letter to my mentor, because I want to share how much she means to me and to show you that every end is just another beginning and no reason to be sad or mourn.

Andye, my beautiful Cosmic Mama

Dear Andye,

gosh, it’s so hard for me to find a beginning! In such a case my advise to others is always to start somewhere and to move on from there. So let me start by saying how much I love you and how very deeply thankful I am to have met you.

It’s been just a little more than a year that I found you via the Cosmic Collective and the very first energy report I saw had my mind blown. Never before did I feel such strong energies from someone just by seeing them on a screen, and not even live!!

In November 2019 you took the Cosmic Collective on a journey to heal the Wounded Maiden. I wasn’t able to make it to the live session, so I watched the recording. First I only listened to it, because I wanted to know what to expect. I’m so glad I did that, because a week later I had scheduled the entire Saturday just for that session. I think the recording was just about one and a half hour long, but it took me the whole afternoon to work my way through it. I was a sobbing mess. You know, the ugly kind of sobbing. It hurt. Like hell. And afterwards I was never the same again. My Wounded Maiden came back home and it transformed me into another woman entirely. It was one of several huge steps into my power, which I took thanks to you.

I won’t list every activation I took with you since, because there were many and each one of them was necessary for my growth.

The only one I want to mention is my initiation into the Akashic Records and especially the Akashic Certification I went through with you. That was a massive turning point in my life. Nothing lead me so deeply into myself ever before. It was all entirely new terrain and yet all I did was returning back home. You reunited me with my cosmic family, reintroduced me to my ancestry.

Andye, my love. You have no.f*cking.clue.just.HOW.thankful.I.am. Words can’t express that. But I know you can tune in and feel what I feel as I’m writing this.

Andye, my love. Are you even aware of the most fundamental and transformational lesson you’re really teaching? You lead people back into their own power.

Honestly it took me until just recently to become aware of that, because looking back it’s so obvious and all you ever talk about. But do you even feel how much of an impact you have, how true you are to that?

Your authenticity had me drawn to you like nothing else. You speak your truth. Even uncomfortable ones and that is one of the things I always loved most about you, which made me feel like I could relate. You don’t hide your shadows. You share them. And in doing so you inspire others to face their own shit. You made me feel like it was truly okay not to always be okay on this way, because we are all suffering sometimes.

Being the badass you are, you also show us how to rise like the phoenix from the ashes!

Working with you has changed me so much Andye. You are one of the people that truly left an imprint on my soul.

No teacher before encouraged me like you did. You became my mentor, my confidante with whom I could share everything and that will never change. You will forever hold a special place in my heart.